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Monday, April 14, 2014

Setting things straight

It binds hearts together
Only for the hearts that race towards it

The key to knowledge
For it's the eye for the sight to first see and then enjoy the beautiful of knowledge.
If you master the language of the knowledge,
You will enjoy it to the highest level that it can offer to you.

Focus on these two
And you won't have to worry of forming new relationship for a meaningful relationship would come together with the knowledge you seek

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear Hobart

Dear Hobart,
Thank you for accepting me, always

I love the company of your silent city at night,
The walk home through Salamanca sometimes makes my heart feel warm for it's merry glitter,
A home in Battery Point, the always welcoming light of St Georges Church, the dark blue hue of dusk sky and stars of Milky Way,
Thank you, for keeping me company, for giving me comfort.

I realised last week that,
I have embraced solitude in a new way,
It's just natural, and i'm not losing anything from it.
The anxiety of not having someone to walk beside you, to speak with you seems not to bother me too much.
I don't feel sad, i feel happy.
I feel happy that i no longer feel sad that i'm alone.

Thank you Hobart,
You are the most acceptint stranger i have ever met for now.

Monday, March 10, 2014


The worst thing to do is to fall yourself into an enthusiasm of doing big works/mission without knowing the need and the meaning they have on yourself.

Find that meaning inside you, clear up your sight, see what's important, identify the what the situation demands for, and then focus on what you can do.

*had a brief look at the list of contents for Syarah Usul 20 book, i had to close it straight away. I don't want to repeat the same mistake that i did few years ago, and i want to move forward in my own pace. My current focus for now is my understanding of religion and human existence in this world, and other sorts of question. I'm not saying that I don't want to or that I won't be joining in anymore. I just want to make sure that i'd be doing the right thing at the right time with the right state of mind.

*filter for truth. Finding truth and deeper understanding of my current belief. May Allah guide me. InsyaAllah. Till i have formed my own understanding about Islam, it would be difficult for me to fight for others' forms of understanding of Islam. Trying to make full use of my reason to understand Him, and myself and reaching a conclusion. Till then, till then.

Everyone is a teacher. For whoever they are, each gives a life lesson to you. So treat them with respect.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Why did i choose Agricultural Science?
Because it's broad and general,
So that i could have more time to figure out want i really want to do.

That was 3 years ago.

Now, i'm still unsure of what i want to do.
But it's okay,
I can be many
It's sad we are trying to identify ourselves to just specific area or career
For me, i want to master the roots and know everything,
Because i know everything is related to each other,
Thinking about just one thing won't work,
One thing doesn't come from vacuum,
It comes from something and another something which relates to other something

So, to calm the unresting feeling i have about not knowing what i could do,
I shall say to myself,

Dear self,
You are learning inportant things,
You may not see the importance of it now,
Nor can try to apply it straight away,
You already know you can only make things really happen according your ideal in a few decades to come,
It takes time, knowledge and experience,
So now, you are part of that process itself,
You are learning, getting the knowledge and experience, consuming the time it takes to get there,
So be calm, don't worry about you not doing the right thing.

Keep it slow, you're on the right track,
You are learning the abc's of one part,
And then you would start on the reading and applying your reading,
And there are another thousands of other parts,
Take it easy,
You are doing the right thing.

You are sowing the seed.
Let's focus on sowing it right,
Watering it fresh everyday,
With visions and prayers,
That it would grow properly,
Watch it, take care of it, gracefully.

Now, be calm,
You're doing it right,
Enjoy the time sowing and preparing,
For this is what you would remember and contemplate on the most once you would cultivate everything in the future

Be tough!

P/s: i already have plans but it' just that i don't feel like what i'm doing right now is right for that. Everything will go well, it's fine.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

confront with communication
vocal and bold
with sheer respect
for harmony

not with anger
for anger may cause you to be at war with yourself
for letting your rational lose it's place to something's not itself